Excerpts indicating support from Mayoral candidates and other politicians.  Truncated for brevity.  Editor’s emphasis in bold.

Caroline Pidgeon – Message of support – 22 April 2016

“I want to make the sure that the cycle hire scheme works much better, is made less complicated for casual users and is expanded so that it it is available for the widest range of Londoners.  Expanding the scheme in to Bermondsey and Rotherhithe should clearly be a priority for the new Mayor.”

Source:  Email to the editor

Caroline Pidgeon – Manifesto pledge

“Making the Cycle Hire scheme work for all of London:
We will: … expand further to south London eg Rotherhithe and
Bermondsey and further into north London too”


Zac to roll out Boris Bikes across Greater London – 29 March 2016

“Zac Goldsmith, today pledged to bring Boris Bikes to the Outer Boroughs and introduce easy Oyster card payments for bike hire…Zac will also look to expand the outer reaches of the Central Cycle hire scheme, including to Greenwich”

Editors Comment: In the interests of balance we would like to include relevant quotations from the other Mayoral candidates but haven’t found anything.  If you can help with this please use our contact form. I note that Sadiq Khan pledges to “Freeze all TfL fares and charges for the Mayor’s cycle hire scheme for four years” – he seems unlikely to have funds for  cycle scheme expansion